Clear Aligners


What are clear braces?

There are many companies that make clear aligner devices. This technology uses a series of removable, clear mouthguard-like devices to move the teeth to the desired positions. The number of aligners required depends on the case complexity. Since they are clear, they are invisible which means that no one can see you wear them. However, the amount of movement they can achieve is limited. Dr. Steiman will be happy to discuss your individual situation and determine whether your teeth qualify for this type of treatment. Ceramic/glass braces are an excellent alternative and can be used in all cases.

How do clear braces work?

The patient wears each aligner for two weeks. They must be worn full time except for eating, sports, and cleaning. Since they are removable, they can be cleaned very easily with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soft soap. Once the aligner has finished its available movement, the next aligner is given to the patient to wear so that the movement continues along. Little by little, month by month, the teeth move until they reach their final desired positions.